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  2. tyleramato said: Hello! I an aspiring VD artist absolutely in love with your figure drawings! I had live models in college but now I'm in a new city with no nude drawing classes anywhere. Is it okay to practice from still photos? I'm always worried studios will recognize a pose or something and consider it cutting corners or something...


    If you don’t have access to live models drawing sessions, I would strongly suggest to draw at cafes, parks, etc. Any public place, really. This is something I should do more myself, to be honest. Nothing’s better than catching real people doing real things, not posing. Nude life drawing sessions are great for a lot of things, but they lack the spontaneity of real life situations. Drawing from picture reference isn’t bad, but real life beats everything else.

    Following the tip of the masters!!!

  3. ca-tsuka:

    Gobelins 2014 graduation films are now online.

  4. maribelhearn:

    3D Ladybug vs 2D Ladybug (ver. 2012) transformation

    The Ladybug anime done by Toei Animation will launch as web-episodes in 2015 in addition to the release of the 26 episode 3D Ladybug series.

    Adala-news (16 July 2014):

    C’est par le biais de studio Zagtoon que nous apprenons la production d’un anime, Ladybug par le studio Toei Animation (saga One Piece, saga PreCure) !

    Des web-épisodes en 2D (Toei Animation) sont prévus courant 2015, en France (internet & TV). Plus d’informations prochainement.

    Et la série animée en 3D (26 épisodes – Method Animation & Zagtoon) est prévue pour Septembre 2015 sur TF1 en France & sur Disney Channel à l’international.

    *This project is/was known also as Miraculous Ladybug

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  5. ca-tsuka:

    1st preview video of Pixar short-film “Lava” directed by James Ford Murphy.

  6. Now, the possible “new” visual for a Wing of the new Star Wars movie.

    Come on JJ, don’t disappoint us.

  7. Some really good sculptures from Blue Sky Studios.

  8. Cuidado quando entrar na nova sala da Allen Motion!
    Beware when you enter in the new allenmotios’s room! #animation #2d #toonboom #art #drawing #illustration #team (em Allen Motion)

  9. Sora’s Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts) - MAN AT ARMS

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  10. Awesome statues from TMNT new movie made by Grasseti and other great artists!

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